Gimme a W, gimme an E, gimme a D ... it's WEDNESDAY

Got woken up by the window cleaners. Parklife! Going to a job interview for a job I actually want today. :open_mouth:

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My tongue feels too big, like it doesn’t belong in my mouth.
Worried someone’s replaced my tongue with a slightly larger tongue in my sleep. Not sure who to contact about this…?


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foolishly bought sriracha sauce yesterday just because it’s good value even though it doesn’t really go well with things I like to eat :frowning:

don’t know why this is a reply to you kermit, sorry!

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I’m sure ol’ bigtongue won’t mind.


I have a big tongue so won’t discriminate there, in fact I wonder who has the longest tongue here, maybe I can measure mine

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can extend it 7cm from my mouth, and that’s a fact!

just an hour late for work then. somewhat hungover. in my wisdom i thought i’d try an experimental route to work to see if it was any quicker. reader: it was not. need to ask a colleague a quick question whch i can easily just text them on whatsapp but i know they’ll call me straight back and chat shite for 15 minutes and i can’t face it right now so just not going to bother tbh.

Coffee, then. :heart:


Pretty much an entire day of meetings (online ofc) today . But it’s my Friday!!

Going to see Morcheba tonight with a big group - including someone i went on a couple of dates with in Jan who it turns out is friends (not best buds but same extended social group) with the person I’m seeing now. Hope it’s not awkward cos it feels like the ball was in my court to suggest a 3rd date after she suggested one that I wasnt available for.
I think she’s seeing someone too now anyway so I’m sure it’ll be fine

Then Great Escape from tomorrow. RIP my liver. I’ll be clomping about in my boot still - foots lots better but deff not ready to tackle a festival without an exoskeleton

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Morning all.

My day off is a long list of chores so I’ve decided to stay in bed as long as possible to avoid it. Mrs Horse can’t be mad if I didn’t do anything today if my day never technically started, right? LOOPHOLE!

…alright fine I’ll get up.

Hope you’re all well

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stuck out 7cm is difficult to picture. Can you touch the tip of your tongue to the tip of you nose, like my uncle could?

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Might start working … now

not quite but I can lick my elbow

Found out this morning that the book signing / intimate gig I was looking forward to tonight was actually last night. It’s not the first time this has happened either.

Do you ever think “time for my lunch”, and then quickly remember that you’ve already had your sandwich?

mostly I think “oh yeah I haven’t had lunch!” then realise it’s about 3pm and can’t be bothered

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Trying to work hard to get this bit of work done before hitting the road in a few hours. Heading for Oslo tonight where I have 1) a dentist’s appointment and 2) a work gettogether, both tomorrow, hoping I won’t be too drugged up after the dentist :grimacing:

Flying north on Friday for a little post-festival etc holiday. My sister is already there and I reckon we’ll have a great time, amongst the highlights I’m looking forward to are 1) (Re-)watching Our Flag Means Death with said sister (who hasn’t seen it yet, but I have), 2) a very different celebration of Norway Day (officially Constitution Day but Norway Day is more fun to say and the original constitution wasn’t even all that), we’re used to the big city and suburban happenings but we’ll now be on an island with approx 400 inhabitants.

Leaving this for good farm in about a month and a half, going to miss all my four-legged friends so much (I know I have already said this and I will be saying it many more times so just get used to it).

Okay time for another two minutes of work and ten minutes of aimless scrolling

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Are you going back to the big city or moving in with the cows?