Gimme an E gimme a V gimme a ENING

Second only to the BHS as a topping.

What’s the BHS topping? I cannae remember

Tuna mayo and cheese, on 2 or more spuds.

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Tuna mayo on one, beans and cheese on t’other is my dream ticket


Yes please.

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Evening DiS,

Shared a kebab box for tea, lovely.

Nap trapped currently while trying to decide what to watch on TV.

Early start for soft play tomorrow morning.

Nothing else at all to report.


Worst raffle ever

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Bought a tray of pigs in blankets from Lidl tonight. Considering chucking them in the oven.

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Just ordered an electric blanket, hopefully warmth awaits

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I never use mine as I like being cold in bed because I get so warm in the night, but now I’m thinking maybe I should put it on my sofa!


Power’s gone out, looks like it’s out on the entire island. I was about to go to bed anyway but feel like I should stay up to see when it comes back or something??? Idk

It’s SO dark outside with no lights from any houses etc

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Can you see the milky way?

Seeing Sarah Keyworth

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Yeah is more for the sofa and to drape over myself during wfh, trying to use the heating seems pointless for one person

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I feel like you should order a dehumidifier instead

Hope the audience don’t do the performative laughing thing stand up audiences often do

Oh I finally joined that club the other week, and it’s a desiccant one so puts out some heat as a bonus.

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Can’t see shit, it’s cloudy

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Really want to post the thunderbird laughing gif in reply

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I’m reading a book on SATC (yes I know I am obsessed) and so therefore I am watching SATC in preparation for listening to a SATC podcast episode tomorrow (the episode and podcast are on the episode with the jazz player where he plays her like a bass :face_vomiting: hate that guy but absolutely love Big in this episode)