Gin lime and soda water is better than gin and tonic

FIGHT ME. Fightttt meeee.

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Lime & Soda
is better than
Gin, Lime & Soda


Only if you don’t like the taste of gin.


Big onion this.

Gin, lime and soda has a massive variance in quality when asked for in a bar and can be awful.

Gin and tonic can’t be got wrong.

I think tonic water is great and TBH I’d probably drink a neat tonic water with a lime in over a G&T.

Also, I would be very afraid of asking for a gin, lime and soda water in a pub because I reckon in 50% of places they’d reach for the lime cordial.

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  • Gin lime and soda water
  • Gin and tonic

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I love lime

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  • Lime & Soda

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:white_check_mark: Gin and tonic
:white_check_mark: Soda and lime
:x: Gin, soda and lime


Don’t think I’ve ever had a gin and tonic. Don’t think I’d like it.

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Would Epimer like it?

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  • No

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Soda with lime (juice/slice NOT cordial) is my go to temperance drink.

G&T is great, has an effect on me like drugs

Discovered the other day that gin and kombucha is a fucking fabulous drink


Oh forgot the creme de la creme…

Gin, pure smooth orange juice and soda

Both shite

Oh yeah, gin n orange is class. Also gin and grapefruit juice

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You’re shite

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Gin and bitter lemon.




Bloody love tonic water. “Can I have a tonic water please?” is my most commonly uttered phrase when talking to a member of bar staff (when they are at work)

For me it’s “Hi”