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Is the great gin craze of the 2010s coming to an end? Are you a gin-lover? What do you like in it? Do you have a favourite gin? Personally I’ve always liked a G&T or with lemonade (or bitter lemon sometimes) but never got really into flavoured or properly artisan gin. There are some quite good Devon-based gin makers though. Talk to me about gin.

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Live, laugh, love GIN (unless you’re a cockwomble that is!)



Don’t even speak to me unless I’ve had my morning gin :triumph:

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Whenever I have a G&T I think “This is nice, I should have this more often” but then I don’t. Faff innit. Gin, tonic, ice, lime, etc.

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As far as I’m concerned, the only good juniper berry is a DEAD juniper berry

Really can’t wait till @bergkamp gets back to work and keeps you in line tbh.

I love gin

I love just a classic G&T. Sipsmiths is my gin at home but had an avaiation gin recently which I really liked so would get that when out or Hendricks.

Gin sour is my cocktail of choice if I don’t know what I fancy.

Gin does make me cry.

I have been given a handful of flavoured gins. I do not like flavoured gin unless it’s that grapefruit one they do in sainos.


Keeps me in line!? Not a damn chance

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20:1 is the approximate ratio of G&Ts I’ve had made for me vs G&Ts I’ve made. Quite lazy really.

  • Juniper Berry
  • Nick Berry
  • Matt Berry
  • Halle Berry
  • Chuck Berry
  • Straw Berry

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Nice drink imo. Good with tonic, good with ginger beer, good with lemonade.

Don’t think I could ever have more than maybe 2 in a single night tho.

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I remember the vodka revolutions of my youth
The sweet sugary vodka cocktails with fruit
When Glenn’s was king
And there was no such thing as ‘pink gin cocktail for the girlies’
I remember the vodka revolutions of my youth


Yeah, like a Gin and tonic or Gin and Lemonade.
Don’t really drink any other spirits. That said, can’t really taste any difference between your fancy gins when you have a mixer with it, so don’t really get buying £40 bottles of gin you then pour 50p bottles of tonic in with it…just the #biggin advertising in full swing.

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Yeah Aviation is really nice. I’m partial to a Tanqueray tbh, I’m really very basic.

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Glad we can all agree that fancy tonic, yer Fever Tree etc, is a con and Schweppes is fine.

Think the idea is that if you’re a gin wanker you’re obliged to spend $$ on tonic too.

Don’t see people drinking it neat, so it can’t be that nice.

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Some of the new fancy gins are better for neat sipping tbh rather than Gordons or something. Please don’t drink neat Gordons.

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