Ginger Baker RIP

One of the best ever. Questionable person but what a drummer.


Helluva drummer.
Cunt of a person.


One of those where I thought he died years ago.

Saw him live about five or six years ago.

Agree with the first two posts here.

Another vote for massive talent/massive twat. Absolutely love his work on the album he made with Masters of Reality.

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Would recommend watching this documentary on him if you’ve got a spare Sunday evening. Amazing drummer, total arsehole, and a one off.



was going to post something from this album, masters of reality are great, probably less well known that his cream stuff!

felt quite sorry for him after watching the documentary, despite him being a cunt. can’t really remember why though

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what’s the indie consensus on cream these days? probably against I’d guess. still have some afffection for them though I haven’t listened to them in years

Yeah massive gateway band for me as a teen, loved that sense of darker psychedelia. But I lost interest eventually and Clapton’s a wankstain so I guess meh. Bit like Zeppelin.


Still rather partial to bit of Cream. 2/3rds of them were bastards ofc but for the era that’s about par. Don’t listen to them often but White Room is a standard choice for me when faced with a shit jukebox.


white room rules, just put it on and 95% of the youtube comments are talking about how it’s used in the fucking joker! can’t get away from it, christ

It’s used pretty well tbf. There’s plenty to dislike about Joker but the use of music is solid* and Hilder Guðnadóttir’s soundtrack is typically ace.

*Apart from the use of a Gary fucking Glitter song. Ugh.

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Anything involving racist scumbag Clapton is completely behind the pale so far as I am concerned.


Yeah, bit weird, innit?

occasionally forget he’s an enoch powell supporter

And a wife beater

I know the Cream song from Goodfellas! That’s all I know of them really


Do you genuinely not know?