Gino D'Acampo (not dead)

Did two years in prison for burglarising Paul Young (Love of the Common People, 1983)

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Italian for ‘Gino of Acampo’

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New thread for that please

Bobby Of Cordova Reid

Total wanker. Can’t stand him (Gino).


I think that clip where he says “if my grandmother had wheels she’d have been a bike” is a funny clip


I knew he’d committed that crime, but for some reason didn’t know the victim

It’s alright. Plays up to it now though. Bet he’s a fucking arrogant knobhead as well. Fuck him.


Also, if referencing a Paul Young song I think you should really be going for Every Time You Go Away.

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No way, I only know him because of that funny little baby voice in that one song about “Common People”

Can we start sharing Chrimbo songs now?

Have you seen Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987)?

Do what you want, mate. I’m not your fucking Grandfather

I actually haven’t

You’ve just reminded me of something I wanted to post in the ‘things nobody has thought about for ages’ thread…

I suppose if I was caught burgling Paul Young I would simply reply wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home.

And promptly be taken to jail.


What an unusual approach

Ah okay, Every Time You Go Away is used prominently in that (it’s also the best John Hughes film cos it’s not focused on teenagers, and probably the best John Candy film too. Maybe best Steve Martin one as well? I don’t know)

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And you never fucking will be with that attitude