Ginsters Question

Has the cheese and onion pasty been fully replaced by the Cornish Cheddar and Caramelised Onion Pasty.

It’s been a while since I had the former but the latter doesn’t seem to taste much different.

Thanks for your time.

my uncle works for them, i could ask if you want

Yes please.

will probably see him at xmas

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Billy Big bollocks over here

Please contact him now or leave his contact details in this thread and we can get someone to contact him. Contact.

@colinfilth please do the honours

  • Ginsters with a hard G
  • Ginsters (Jinsters) with a soft G

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please ban all soft G-ers


I can’t

You could ban them from your house?

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Ah yeah, of course. Will do.

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The soft G version could be what people who are really into gin refer to themselves as.

Those people are banned from my house too


same applies, maybe moreso

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I pronounce gin with a hard G

damn it feels good to be a ginster



Do you know what I like? Gini. Only had it in France, never seen it anywhere else.