Ginsters Question

It’s pronounced with the hard g and hard i, as if to rhyme with winesters

I don’t think that’s true

The spokesperson for Gini is a former pornographic actress. How does that make you feel?

this has really tickled me

It is, Eric’s uncle text me it.

If it’s a job she wants to do, with good working conditions (presumably including a lot of delicious soft drinks), then I’m pleased for all concerned.


No she quit after seven movies splitting with her fella who wanted to stay in the game.

I believe he has adequate representation.

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Maybe he’s the type of man to reply to an email with a text.

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Yeah Gini was over here from about 1991-1996 or something. Used to love a can of Gini - lovely and sharp. Too sharp for most British fuckers.

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A cautionary tale for our times.

Also not too many drinks named after a co-efficient are there.

Bring it back!

Remember Reef (drink NOT BAND)

Not true and not the full range, Shonky website @ericVI please inform Colin :

The gini issue has been notably absent in the Brexit impact assessments.

Ginsters is the brand leader in the savoury pastry sector


Was that an alcopop?

Yes, orange juice based (not fizzy)

  • Peppered Steak Slice
  • Cornish Pasty
  • Chicken and Mushroom Slice
  • Sausage Roll
  • Pulled Pork Slice
  • Cheese and Onion Slice
  • Cheese and Ham Slice

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