Girl, 5, fined £150 for lemonade stand

What song do you get in your head when you think of lemonade?

or maybe this:

doubt she just had a bright idea to sell to festival-goers, no doubt she was enjoying playing at being a grown up for a bit but the parents/dad must have set this all up for her and were fine with using their daughter to charm them.

milk, milk, lemonade
round the corner, choclate’s made


Yeah, this^

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Good, bloody neocon.


Agreed, nationalise lemonade!


that’s exactly what a five year old child genius would want you to believe!

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Maybe his child’s tears make the lemonade taste even better?

I hope some goons smashed the stand up!


Basically a dad getting fined for trading without a license and exploiting unpaid child labour, innit

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Why did I post that Look At My Horse song?

It’ll be my earworm for weeks now.

Nobody pointed out yet that “lemonade stalls” are a fucking twee American thing. If she was a proper BRITISH 5 year old then she would have forged some ID and got a job in a pub.


Somehow I edited your post. Fucking hell what’s going on.

I reverted. sorry.

this has just reminded me of the wasp ridden lemonade stand that used be at Reading festival every year. I used to love that stand.

Bet this gets Schweppes under the carpet


crush them with the weight of bureaucratic capitalism while they’re young, that’s what i say

Anyway, it’s fucking stupid. This is the point ^^^^ up here.

No father should try to duck out via this bullshit.

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Reckon if he set up a justgiving page there’d be enough HEALTH AND SAFETY GONE MAD types to more than pay for the fine, probably get a holiday out of it.
Probably already happened hasn’t it.

I’ve just #neknominated the dad. Let’s see what happens


She just wanted to put a smile on people’s faces. She was really proud of herself,"

I find this hard to believe and I don’t know why he put that comma in there