Girl Band 2019 - New album 'The Talkies' out now!

Start with the Early Years on bandcamp (which has Lawman, De Bom Bom and Why They Hide Their Bodies), then skip straight to The Talkies. Weirdly I find it more accessible than Holding Hands.

Live album sounds great. Just listened to it whilst on a run (perfect running material).

Laggard sounds immense. Miss gigs so much.


new side project from Dara called Fifty Years of Year features on this great compilation. him and a member of the band Postcard Versions (the other member of Postcard Versions plays in The Claque with Alan). not sure if it’s a one off or a Thing.


The Talkies is still on my regular rotation. There’s a depth to it that makes repeated listens really satisfying. One of my favourite albums of recent years for sure. After thinking HHWJ would be their only album, and thinking that would have been a huge shame, I’d sort of be happy if they called it a day now. Here’s hoping the next is at least as good!


Hoping for more The Claque soon, love their stuff so far.


Man I can’t tell you just how much I love girl band, my favourite band in the world right now. Cannot wait to get back to see them once we’re done with this covid pish.


A band like no other :heart_eyes:

I’ve been in love with PSBs since the 80s and that’ll never change, girl band are my latest love. :grinning:

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Another is on the horizon :laughing:

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Absolutely this, man. Missed the original Talkies tour dates as I wasn’t in the country so still haven’t seen any of these monumental songs live. Pure gagging for it rn

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