"girl." in a black sans-serif font on a neon pink background

These posters are appearing a lot in Melbourne right now.

Are they international?

Wondering what they’re for but can’t find anything online.

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Need to get better at googling m9 :wink:



Sadly no info. Really hate Reddit too. How is their site so unfriendly?

I gave up after this

Gave me nothing and the thread title was too literal. :joy:

There is literally information there? Someone read what it was in a Facebook group what more do you want??

Why did you think “girl names” was going to get you there :joy:

The key is time period. I did the second query but set it to within last month only.

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Yeah I think that last one was a mistake stab :joy:

You know how you start typing and then as you go to stab it flicks under your finger.

They had no link. Sounded like speculation is all, especially with a group name like that. I want hard online proof :sweat_smile:

Thanks anyway


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Omg honestly

Le grill?

What the hell is that

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Fuck @jordan_229 got there first

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i wanna take you to a gay bar!


Early draft of Girl On The Train was not etc etc…

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