Girl on the platform




I like old movies
Like the godfather


Oh. I always thought it was “girl on the platform’s smile”: descriptive rather than imperative.


Yeah me too until I googled it. Even more creepy now


Nah it’s definitely still descriptive…otherwise the next line (must’ve been the best smile I’ve seen in a while) doesn’t make sense

Thread has irked me.


The internet is inconclusive on the matter

“Girl on the platform smiled"

Girl on the platforms [sic] smile

Girl on the platform smile

I think you’re definitely right though, as you can hear two distinctive ‘s’ sounds when he sings.

Annoying prick either way


I side with the middle theory


Girl’s “on the platform” smile


It’s not considered the best one.


Who on earth is transcribing advert lyrics?!


and yet when i perform a four hour improvised composition for modular synthesizer at the dead of night, I get escorted off the estate


The girl on the platform is having a rough day and you are not entitled to her emotional labour!