New album this May. Though I liked it a lot I can’t remember how well their previous stuff was liked on the old boards. First single is quite satisfying:

Listened to ‘When the world was big’ for the first time in a while the other day. Really liked it

Huge fan of their older stuff, so really glad to hear they gave a new one out soonish. Will have this a listen later.

Love the new single - great video too!

The Fader did a preview piece on them a couple of months back:


Though I have to admit, I was a bit concerned that they might lose a bit of their intimate sound by adding drums into the mix…

People said the same about radiohead when the bends came out tbf


I think they’ve managed to get the balance right (on this track anyways) and it has some pretty nice production too. I get the impression they’re going to keep things fairly restrained in the way that the previous songs were too.

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Yeah I think finding the right balance will be key. Hopefully the drums are used not just for the explosive moments when they break from their restraint like in 123 and perhaps added quite sparingly across the album…

New track ‘It Gets More Blue’


Just had a notification from Dice saying that they’ve announced a London date in September… Hopefully there’s more to follow!

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Could be a very expensive week what with Waxahatchee playing on the Monday too!

Thanks for posting the event link!

Two new tracks

Nice enough, but a bit generic. I miss them just being a bass and guitar with no drums.

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