Girls (final season thread)


There’s got to be someone else on here who still watches this, right? Final season! Will Hannah, Marnie and Jessa become marginally less terrible people (Shoshanna isn’t quite so bad)? Will Ray continue to be the best character? Will Lena Dunham devote herself solely to talking nonsense on the internet now this show is over?


I’ll be watching! Thought season 5 was the show at it’s best. Its never been perfect, far from it, but I enjoy it nonetheless.


Yup i will watch it. When is it on?


Sunday nights in the US, Monday nights in the UK on Sky Atlantic


I’ll be watching! I love it. I love Lena Dunham. I can’t watch it until I can buy it though as I don’t have sky sadly :cry:

Anyone read her book? My mum said she reminded her of me when she describes eating a whole vat of pate till she threw up. Thaaaanks Mum!! (She knows me too well).


Her book is decent, though not a patch on Tina Fey’s or Amy Poehler’s I think


Hm, neither of them have ever interested me in the same way she does. I believe you when you say their books are better but I just love Dunham.


Will probably watch despite lena dunham. Awful person. Cheers.


Read it a while back and found there to be some hilarious and charming Sedaris-esque anecdotes which I really, really enjoyed though it was mixed with weird filler chapters which were a bit unnecessary. A good holiday book, I’d say!

@kiyonemakibi - I loved Bossypants though wasn’t so keen on Yes Please which I found to be a bit cagey and Poehler never seemed to fully let down her guard… Weirdly my favourite chapter was probably the one written by Seth Meyers…


More like Women, amiright?
edit: I have no idea how long it’s actually been going


About five years, I think?


Not a fan @Ruffers?


:smiley: No idea tbf


Ha fair enough :smile:


Count me in. I wish they hadn’t said they were doing a movie though, sorta spoils the idea that this is The End. Some of the best writing i’ve ever seen on Tv has been in this show. Season 3 was an absolute high point of all tv ever. Bruce Eric Kaplan who wrote the Flo and One Man’s Trash episodes is some kind of genius IMO.


One Man’s Trash is probably my favourite episode of the shows entire run (thus far), not sure if they’ll top it…


Riz Ahmed is in EVERYTHING nowadays :heart_eyes:


Ray clearly trying to depress himself further by reading A Little Life


Looking forward to watching this. I think the show had a bit of a dip in quality around season 3/4, but the last one was fantastic. One of the best things on telly that year, and I’m really not a fan of Lena Dunham.


Watched the first couple of series when I was unemployed but then sacked it off as I was struggling to find torrents (stupid name). It was good though. My favourite thing about it now is the way any time you get articles about it is the endless comments calling Lena Dunham a paedo