Girls - HBO

super relevant and timely thread eh guys!

never watched it when it came out, then watched maybe a season and a half (and enjoyed it a good amount) a few years ago before I had to bail for sheer cringe reasons. Gave myself a talking to and decided to pick it back up again recently - and I think it’s really really good. Sure everyone is annoying and entitled, but I feel like every episode has at least one painfully true depiction of aimless 20-something life, and at least one pretty affecting comment on friendship/success/self worth etc. Going to be interesting reading the critiques/commentaries that it inspired at the time, and also seeing if there’s any more recent retrospective stuff about how it’s aged, or how culture has moved on since then

anyone got any thoughts or comments to share with the class? just wanted to start a thread for some company and maybe to drop some episodes reactions tbh, feels odd watching such a zeitgeist-y show so out of the moment in which it got big


Made Adam Driver a star, so worth it for that alone. I do think it was often a very good series and it’s a shame that it seems to have been cast aside because of Lena Dunham’s habit of putting her foot in it (and her new films sound pretty lousy). I think at the time people blew it up too much, the ‘voice of a generation’ thing in the first episode or so was meant to be a joke, but the media took it seriously and then Dunham started to as well.


Best episode is the one where Ray and Adam go on an adventure to Staten Island to return a lost dog.


Rewatched it recently and enjoyed it more than the first time watch.

Marnie is one of the greatest characters out there due to being so cringe. When she sings the Kanye cover :flushed:

Find Hannah as a character just straight up annoying but think that’s the point isn’t it?


I started watching it in the last season when I caught the end of an episode my wife was watching (one at a wedding when someone jumped into a lake). When that season finished we went back to the start and watched it all. Loved it at the time but remember very little about it now.

Remember enjoying the first couple of series and then starting to get pretty over it when Chris O’Dowd appeared or thereabouts.

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Used to hate Shoshanna but she’s the consistently funniest now (late S3) by a long stretch. Basically everything she says is gold


One of my friends watched it fairly recently and said that Hannah reminded her of me… :frowning:

I find Hannah very attractive fwiw


So much this! Think I had to hide behind a cushion. Can’t remember any TV show making me do this before or since.

Have to say though that Marnie’s standalone episode was one of the absolute best. You’d think that an entire episode based on a character that is self centered to the point of oblivion would be utterly horrendous. Didn’t turn out like that at all though. Think it’s one of my favourite episodes of anything


Allison Williams is very good in Get Out, she should be in more stuff

Think I read or heard somewhere that she gets offered a lot of roles but just works when she wants to and with people she wants to. Must be lovely.

I guess she spends a lot of time meeting Zosia Mamet so they can commiserate over how embarrassing their fathers are

TIL that she used to be married to Ricky Van Veen, one of the founders of CollegeHumor/Vimeo (the guy who steps out of the meeting room in the (in)famous Flagpole Sitta lipdub)


Yeah, I’ve had it once or twice

I think the time it was uncomfortably close was when Marnie’s bf reads Hannah’s diary and realises Marnie doesn’t love him. Hannah reacts like “OK, but did you think the diary was well-written? Like, even though it’s ruined you relationship - did you like think it was good?”


Eek :grimacing:

He appears about halfway through the firsy series :joy:

Ps. I started re-watching it recently, I’m halfway through the 2nd series and pretty over it already too.

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Only ever half watched bits of it but there’s a bottle episode where Hannah is in conversation with a successful author and they talk about loads of things and then I think he takes his penis out and I remember thinking that was a pretty captivating bit of telly (the whole episode, not specifically the penis part).


played by Matthew Rhys I think? That’s a very good episode, feel like it would have been cited more in recent years if general opinion hadn’t soured on Dunham


and the episode ends with Desperado by Rihanna :muscle: banger.

i guess most episodes, including that one, i watched feeling like there was always something missing but introducing Anti into my life was a definite :+1: from me.

another episode that i particularly remember is the one where Marnie goes to an art show, meets one of the Lonely Island guys and gets herself off in the toilet :thinking:

i don’t think i can be arsed to ever rewatch it.

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