Giro D'Italia 2019 🇮🇹 🚲 ⛰

Starts Saturday!!!

The course
Unusually ‘flat’ for the first half. Several sprint stages, which means there’s actually a half-decent set of sprinters for the first time in a loooong time. However, lots of long stages too, which might have an impact later on.

Will all kick off from stage 13 onwards and doesn’t really let up from there. Stage 14 is one of them short, nasty hardcore mountain stages that GT planners love so much at the moment. Stage 16 takes on the Gavia and the mortirolo. Lovely stuff. Then the penultimate stage pretty much starts uphill, has a loooot of climbing - 5000m+, hitting altitudes above 2000m.
Would normally be where the Giro is won or lost, but the final stage is a time trial, speaking of which…

Three time trials in this race. Gotta fancy this if you’re a TT specialist who can survive the mountains…

The contenders
Primoz Roglic is the deserved favourite. Entered three WT races this year. Won all of them. Woah. Great on the TT, can attack on the steeps and can win on descents too. HOWEVER, he had an almost as impressive record last year, but couldn’t maintain his effort over three weeks of Le Tour. He’s got more experience now, seems even stronger, but can he claim his first GT win?

Tom Dumoulin
One of only two former winners in the race. Also a brilliant TT rider. Can’t attack on the mountains like Roglic and Yates, but measures his effort brilliantly to grind back up to the attackers. hard to see anyone beating Roglic, but if anyone can, I reckon Tom can.

Simon Yates
looked like he had it in the bag last year, but then cracked spectacularly and Froome did that infamously suspicious looking attack. Spent much of the race up to that point on the attack, looking to eke out seconds at every opportunity. Says he’s now learned from that and will race more conservatively (ie more boring). Oh yeah, he won the Vuelta as well didn’t he? Backed up by a very strong team (Chaves, Nieve), he’s gotta be a favourite to at least podium.

Movistar have a NEW trident (lamapaz) to deploy! Excellent news. Will it work? Will it bollocks.

Nibali must be past his prime now, mustn’t he?? Will still try to shake things up though. Fancy him for a big stage win, but think there’s too much TT action for him to podium. Hopefully will spark things off in the mountains.

Bob Jungels can TT. Can he survive the final week in the mountains? Doubt it.

Lopez could be a bit of a dark horse, but the loss of Ion Izagirre will hurt him I think.

Majka will finish 8th or something. Standard. Ditto Zakarin

With Bernal sadly doing his collarbone, Team Skyineos will see Gheoghegan and Sivakov start as co-leaders, after their impressive performances at the Tour of the Alps. Will be very interesting to see what they can do here. I’m hoping they’ll try some crazy moves to light things up.

Still haven’t quite come to terms with the fact that Viviani is the best sprinter in the world, but there you go. Will be plenty of opportunities for him to go head to head with former team mate Gaviria, who first really broke out at the Giro a couple of seasons back. Very much looking forward to this. Supporting cast headed up by Ewan and Demare. Can Nizzolo get his first Giro stage win after approx. 300 2nds? Well, maybe. Seeing as how most of the sprinters will drop out before the final week. Will probably end up with the points jersey by default as well.




Come on team sky!!

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Kicks off tomorrow afternoon on Eurosport. Dunno if ITV are showing it? The big guns are going first with big Tommy Poopy heading off at 3:50pm our time.


how’d you think landa will go?

he was looking amazing at one point in time but don’t think he has won anything in the past, what, two years?

It’s a tt prologue isn’t it? ( Not read op, obviously.)

Hope weather is nice gonna get beers and bbq and eurosport player on in the garden

(lol as if - it’s still about - 2 degrees every day)

I dunno

me neither

past couple of years poor results have been the result of crashing / injuries, eh. not necessarily shit form so who fucking knows.

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ITV have only ever had ASO rights so I don’t think they’ll be showing anything.

Highlights on Quest apparently, don’t think I have that

(isn’t that the channel that showed military based game show, ‘Skirmish’???)

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ITV don’t have rights. Only for selected ASO races. Normally Eurosport only, but highlights were on some Discovery owned channel last year

Ivan Sosa, who has replaced Bernal, is almost as good a climber as his teammate/compatriot but much weaker at everything else. Could be exciting if he can get through the first 2 weeks.

Also hope Chaves does OK. Probably my favourite rider but has had a really tough couple of years.


Yeah, me too. Big fan of chaves. Would be good to see him ride strongly throughout.

Has he got rid of his Epstein-Barr / glandular fever then?

Nice thread!

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Best of all the Bond villains imho.

Apparently he has, but he hasn’t raced since March I don’t think, so there’s no knowing if he’s back on form or not.

Seems ion izagirre is racing after all… which means lopez’ support in the mountains goes from strong to excellent. *if * he can limit his tt losses, i think he could be a genuine challenger to the big 3.

Roglic got 30 seconds to over a minute over most gc rivals so far. Blimey. Dumoulin clearly not in top form yet. Good effort from nibbles.

Interesting to see what yates can do - and if the weather holds for him starting much later.