Giro D'Italia 2019 🇮🇹 🚲 ⛰


bit of a bummer they put such a flat stage on yesterday when it’s the weekend and the only chance a lot of people get to watch during the day.

Never mind, there’s another chance today, I’m sure it will be a belter!!!

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There’s a lot of talk of Roglic putting two minutes into Yates today. I’m not so sure, reckon it could be less than a minute because he’s been practising loads innit.

Also, Victor Campanaerts has very impressive thighs.


is it my eurosport player acting up or are all the shots from the motos shite and unwatchable today?


changing bike in a tt is complete bullshit imo, can’t explain why though


He put 2 secs per KM on Yates and Nibs in the opening TT, so 1.30-40 is a reasonable guess. Plus the TT on the final day. But he’s been on the floor already and could be sore from that, there’s way more climbing


yates fucked that right up



May as well sack the rest of the race off tbh.


My analysis - nul points

Massive stage there. The others are going to have to gang up on Roglic somehow





are they going to belgium tomorrow or


On the coast innit. :zzz::sleeping:


why have i never realised that’s what the words were


Nah, the race is done as far as I’m concerned. Nibali would not work with Yates, Landa et al. He would race to protect his placing, or bury those guys


what have you been singing


just kinda mumbling

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Nibali seems to be in his best shape for a long time - I think there’s a good chance he could crack Roglic in the mountains.

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I was thinking this too. Everyone going on about how Yates is going to take time back on Roglic, he’s got to get past Nibali first. The shark knows how to turn it on in the third week.


Can’t even think how this is gonna happen, short of Roglic abandoning. Roglic is on fire atm, has GT top 5 experience, and has won multiple week long stage races. All he has to do is follow the wheels, limit any losses in the mountains. He’s in a very commanding position at the end of the first week. Can’t see Yates clawing any significant time back. But the Giro is always full of surprises (hello Kruijswijk, Yates ect…)

Nibs has a better chance, but still a lot of work for him to do.

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Yeah, agree 100%. Roglic was my favourite going in but I didn’t expect him to be this dominant from the start.

I think he looks good but… it’s the Giro so :man_shrugging:


As I said up there, Reckon the race is done personally. But hold out some hope it’s not a walk over.

still not actually watched of it yet, so you can discount my opinions of you’d like