Giro d'Italia 2021 🇮🇹 🚲 🏔 🌧 🌞 🌬 🦈

Starts tomorrow!!!

NO: Pogacar, Roglic, WVA, MVDP, JALA or reigning champ Geoghan Hart.


We do have: Bernal, Yates (S), Buchman, Landa, Sivakov, Almeida, Hindley, Carthy, Mollema - GC should be really competitive.

We’ll also have Dan Martin and Vincenzo Nibali, but I don’t expect too much from either of them in the GC - a stage win for either/both would be nice though.

We also have Evenepoel back after his horror crash: could ultimately turn out to be better than anyone else I’ve mentioned so far. Will be fascinating to see how he does here in his first major race for 9 months.

Sprinting/points should be more interesting than normal for the Giro too: Ewan and Sagan should be battling for the honours but we’ve also got three riders looking to return from disgrace, lack of form and COVID respectively: Groenewegen, Viviani and Gaviria. Can see Merlier getting a couple of stages too.

All kicks off with an ITT in Turin on Saturday

Other stages to keep an eye on:

Stage 6: first GC climbing/hill-top finish day
Stage 8: Dirt roads and mountains day 1
Stage 11: Dirt roads and mountains day 2 (Strade Bianchi + Montalcini Day!)
Stage 16: Zoncolan day! :mountain: :crown:

Fair bit of time trialing on offer for all you Ganna fans out there too.



isn’t it Evenpoel’s first grand tour ever?

there’s a stage in the middle of this that looks ridiculous, something like 7000m of climbing.

think I want Jai ‘jacket’ hindley to win.

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Oh yeah, I missed off vlasov! Think I want almeida to win, but he’ll do well to get a podium tbh.

Lovely summary. Exciting times.

There’s absolutely no way Nibali is fit is there? His Instagram was four weeks of X-rays and hospitals until three days ago and then ’I’m fine actually!’. Sure mate.

Also love hosting races just putting on stages that they’re favourite riders can win.

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A story as old as competitive cycling

Still love the brazenness

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Also where is Cavendish? Saving him for the tour?

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Hope so!

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Looking forward to Landa nearly not nearly winning some stages.


imagine poor old cavendish trying to get up and down this


Imagine if it was your job to do that every day.

…i’d like it

i’m allowed to stop at the top of every hill and have a can of coke and an ice cream aren’t i?


start at 8, wrap it up by about 7pm, nice pizza or two at the end. Lovely.

(edited to give myself an extra hour)

(when do I start?)


I made the mistake of having a pizza in the middle of a big ride once, before i had to climb back up the hill. The pros of having a lovely pizza did not outweigh the cons of trying to digest a lovely pizza on a big col. not recommended


can’t wait for Movistar to ride at the front all day to tire everyone out then completely disappear in the last 30 minutes

Nah, this is their C team so they’ll be riding to anonymous 10th - 15th places and hoping to sneak the teams competition.


Shame they’re not climbing the classic route. But it’s the zoncolan, the best sports amphitheatre in the world

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Some incredibly pan flat sprinter/transition stages this year. Offset by some classic mountain madness. The Passo Giau day looks chef kiss

Look at this one ffs


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Feels like it’s been much longer than 7 months since the last one. Well excited for this tour of Italy.

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