Giro d'Italia 2022

Grand tours are back baby awoooooo

Who’s winning it then

  • Carapaz
  • S Yates
  • Almeida
  • Landa
  • Ángel López
  • Dumoulin
  • Buchmann
  • Kelderman
  • Bilbao
  • Porte
  • Other

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Stage 1 begins in Budapest. Largely flat with a bit of a kick at the end. MVDP for me

Is s Yates the ineos one? I still haven’t learned which is which

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It is the other one. Simon, still riding for Bike Exchange

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Nobody fancying Carapaz? :eyes:

Depends how much gold bling he has

Also ineos are a classics team now

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Cor, a lot of inconsistency on that list.

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:raised_hands: Jacopo Guarnieri wearing a trans pride sweatband in ultra fascist Hungary where Orban is trying to erase LGBTQIA people


I’d like to know who @colinfilth’s other pick is

Somebody not in that list. I’m reasoning there’s loads of them so it ups my chances.

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How’s that fence? Or are you a big valverde fan?


Looking forward to turning this on later. Summer is on its way!

It’s also got a level crossing which I’m excited about.

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Here’s a question: how often in one of the big three Grand Tours has a stage not only started and taken place entirely outside the home country, but actually finished further away from it than it started?

Probably around half the times there’s a Grand Depart in another country, which is every other year for the Giro and the TdF, less so for the Vuelta.

The Yorkshire Grand Depart definitely went North from Leeds to Harrogate

It would be rarer if logic was more important than money

Spoken like a true statistician! “I don’t know, so it’s 50:50” :smiley:

He’s probably the favourite, which is why I don’t fancy him. Not because I don’t like him but the Giro has a habit of not being kind to the favourite… I dunno, this is probably flawed logic, just think it’s the most unpredictable grand tour, always throws up some surprises.

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whats robbie mcewan wearing :laughing:


Was just about to say that’s an impressive lineup of silly outfits and hairdos going on in that studio.