Giro d'Italia 2022

Not sure, but big fan of this TdF that spent 5½ stages outside France


And I suppose the first 3 stages of the 2012 Giro in Denmark finished further east than they started

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whats the weather forecast for over there…?
just gonna be boring until the last half hour…?

fucking love budepest tbh. great city, dodgy politics aside ofc

OK I’m going to address the elephant in the room.

How many people who tune into Eurosport to watch the first twenty minutes of a flat stage in the Giro are likely to be sold by Michael Buerk pimping them an overpriced “limited edition” commemorative coin of Queen Victoria’s coronation?


The opening stage of the Giro in Northern Ireland finished a couple of streets further east,too


And now we have a small girl throwing a strop because her mum has inadequate life insurance?!

Yes the Giro thread!

Bloody love the Giro, mainly because of the places they go - please can someone move me to Italy?!

Weoaohohoheeeergh Sean Kelly is back!

For me, I’m pleased, we’ave some Bernie!

Robbie McEwen is a decent addition to the coverage if you ask me (which I’m sure you are), less Top Gear bullshit about him than some of the others.

Yeah yeah the race. Why the hell is MVDP here?

Realised that googling Orla Chennaoui is probably the only time in history the phrase “people were also searching for Carlton Kirby” has ever been used.

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Think the politics of Budapest is reigning in the rest of the country tbh

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Is Bernie there?!?

Thought he was a ds now?

Did a little VT for the predictions. Sadly in German.

Is mvdp even gonna make it as far as italy?

Doubt it

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Valverde’s here too? Looks pretty old.

How shit scared would be you be if you were one of the people who has to stand in the road waving a flag in front of some street furniture?

Shittest intermediate sprint in history there.

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bike race GO!

hey look is that G

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Allez opi+omi!

This fella’s burst

Wow that was dramatic. Poor Caleb. Where the fuck did MVDP come from?