Give me a T, give me a U, give me an E...

Give me a tuesday thread

Anyway, it took me forever to get to sleep last night (as it did Jimbo a few hours earlier). I wonder whether our dinner was secretly laced with caffeine?

I’ve got a pre-9am meeting to dial into in a minute, which I’m not impressed with. I haven’t even finished my breakfast coffee yet!

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Woken up feeling headachy and achy all over. Great. Off today. Supposed to be heading down to see my mum and a coast bird walk before making a butter paneer curry, but sorta cba lads

On Sunday arvo I put together a little sprint chart wherein I’d spend this week getting as much done as possible to make my/A’s life better on various fronts, had the timing down for spreading my week out perfectly.

Monday I woke up with a buzzsaw cough, now I’m pretty certain I have a severe throat infection.

Life better currently by: 0%

Yeah, terrible nights sleep here too


I’m still asleep

Good nights sleep but early start for a trip down to London. Aka the big smoke

Ummming and aaaahing about buying Walkmen tickets today

Happy Therapeutic Use Exemption day to all you asthma suffering professional footballers & cyclists out there


You’ve got a nerve




Morning lovely dis

Scared of opening my emails this morning. Work week from hell. Waaaaa.

Woke up and thought I was being kissed awake, but it was just the cat nuzzling my neck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Do it

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Koko tho

Feel: bad, tooth is weird and I missed the window to call for an emergency appointment. Also was awake from like 2-5

Just a survival day for me then thanks

Morning morning hi :wave:,

Has anyone got any experience of working / volunteering at a food bank? Thinking of applying to volunteer for a couple of hours a week at my local one (more warehouse than distribution I think) and wondered if anyone could advise.
I work shifts so wouldn’t be able to do regular days or hours if this matters.


Happy 10 millionth of January



unfathomably tired this morning. Just opened emails and there is loads of shit to sort out. don’t even know where to start. when everyone around you seems incompetent does that actually mean you’re the incompetent one!? probably.

Waiting for sausages then i’ll fully crack on i guess. blood test and counselling also.

Don’t be me though! be happy and get this day done x

Morning all :wave:

Terrible night’s sleep as the hotel aircon was rattling away. Nevertheless, just got the one meeting then am heading home.

Time for the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 07:42 16:41 08:58:14 +3:27
London 07:40 16:47 09:06:50 +3:16
Glasgow 08:13 16:47 08:34:10 +3:58
Manchester 07:56 16:49 08:53:01 +3:33
The Beer Factory, Devon 07:51 17:06 09:14:40 +3:07
Newcastle 07:59 16:40 08:41:26 +3:48
Cardiff 07:52 16:59 09:07:02 +3:16
Belfast 08:15 16:59 08:44:31 +3:44

big day for Newcastle, bursting through the 8am barrier. And a big day for all of us as tonight we say goodbye to January :wave:


Listening to Television, wrangling a spreadsheet.

Couldn’t find my drum machine this morning as I wanted to bring it in and practice with it on my breaks. Need to dig it out tonight.

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