Give me a T, give me a U, give me an E...


So so night sleep until 4.15am which i’ve been awake since.

In the office again, last day though then WFH tomorrow then the rest of the week off.

Barrier for the service entrance to the Motorway via Keele Services was broken again, so saved a bunch of time getting on the M6 via there so that was a small win.

Might go get a coffee in a bit and go across the other building say hello to some colleagues i’ve not seen for a while.

Totally forgot I have wrestling to attend tonight ! That’s cheered me up


9 hours!

At work. Should be on the way to Stratford (and back) but somebody else has covered it, so got a nice couple of hours break instead.

Might go and get a nice coffee and/or some brunch

On Sunday, I booked a holiday to stave off the dread. Ever since I’ve had dread about whether this was a sensible financial decision right now. FFS.

My music library on my phone has somehow jumbled up all of the album art work. It’s doing my head in. This one is really spoiling the sombre vibe I’m going for this morning.


Morning. Slow start to the day as it’s a company update taking up the morning, so doing house chores at the same time.

Plenty of blue sky outside, hoping it sticks around for a lunch walk.

Supposed to be a bit warmer from today isn’t it? I’ll take that.

Got paid today which is great… but had pay deducted for being on strike which is bad. I expected it sure, but it’s really bad timing for me because of some bills I need to pay off. Looks like February will be a pretty lean month!

Good thing I’ve already got tickets for seeing a comedy show tonight (Patti Harrison). Really looking forward to it.

Have a good Tuesday everyone :blush:

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the temperature is going into double figures here according to the bbc forecast. I’ll have to dig out my shorts!

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My favourite chai supplier is closing down and I feel like it’s all my fault for buying from Chai Guys last month instead :cry:

One of the Junior Attack Ducks worked at a local food bank before heading to Uni. She let them know availability and they slotted shifts around that. Obviously area dependant, but there were arguably more voluteers than they really needed, so it was definately easy to fit shifts around other commitments.


Also am in the No Sleep Till Alarmtime club. Feels like a terrible hangover, although isn’t cos don’t partake.

Stupid Tuesdays.

Two nights of terrible sleep in a row. I’m not feeling as tired as I might do, but I am worried that this might escalate to two months of terrible sleep. I think it’s because I’m recovering from being ill. Anyway, hurrah another tuesday, surely this one will be better than the last

Me, rn

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bored of feeling miserable ffs. please send pictures of your pets

Both our cats in the same photo! (This NEVER happens)


I volunteer at my local one very occasionally - they’re very flexible so I just text if I have a free Thursday coming up with a week’s notice or so.

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Sorry to hear this.

Would a hurdling Bramble help at all?


Not my pet but my bezzie pal. Julie loves pubs


G’morning! I slept really well ta, perhaps owing to the 16,000 steps I clocked yesterday.

Had a really nice date yesterday so I’m feeling pretty perky today. Gonna go for a swim and then tuck into the latest Cosey Fanni Tutti book.


This little idiot came down at 4.30 this morning because he heard me making toast and wanted some.


Coast walk. Break time