Give me your best spoonerism

I just ate a mueberry bluffin.


yeah that’s a corker

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hope you don’t mind btw I didn’t see your thread, not meaning to steal your thunder

spooney knifey

Went to school with a guy called Matt Cook.

Not at all, this is the best of!

Brintey Spears

cat mook? what’ a mook?

The difference between a butcher and a nightwatchman.

A butcher weighs a steak; a nightwatchman stays awake.


Muck. Cat muck means cat poo.

but his name isn’t matt cuck?

you know what forget about it, it’s still good thanks :slight_smile:

now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

It’s all in the pronunciation and it’s hilarious when you’re 8.

Moving on, Slack Babbeth is a great tribute band name.


Back Slabbeth is better

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Rayne Wooney

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Mary Hinge and Betty Swollocks.

took me a while to realise there were two seperate ones