Give me your best spoonerism

Friar Tuck.

Courtesy of a Russ Abbott sketch circa 1984.

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Just been to deed the fucks

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(My nan accidentally said this to me as a kid and she’s still mortified by it)


Par cark. I say this on a daily basis.


My dad once bought me a stunt kite, which he spoonerised to much hilarity. Also, there was actually a kid in my brother’s year by the unfortunate name of Michael Hunt, which is just bad planning on the part of his parents.

Cunning stunts.

I was in a nativity play in primary school and was a disciple. My line was supposed to be “I need to go to bethlehem (maybe, can’t remember for certain) for a pair of shoes.”

Much hilarity was caused when I spoonerised it accidentally.

Also, I’ve just realised, why the fuck was I a disciple when presumably jesus wasn’t even born?

A friend had a lecturer who said “I’d rather a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotomy”, not sure how well known this is

Lenny Kunt

Hotel tour
Bank wire
Fizzy jello
Germ spotter

I have a soft spot for Jadper Carrott doing Bastity Chelt but that’s because I discovered tapes of his ages about 13 in the library and haven’t ever gone back yo experience the cringe.

“I’ll see if I’m able to unlick your pock”

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I’m not sure if I prefer them or Weevie Stunder.

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nah not really

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