Give me your cash (please 😉 )

I realise that this is not the normal Wednesday morning DiS Social fare but…
In a moment of madness (I’d had a couple tbh) I signed up to abseil off Derby Cathedral to raise money for this children’s hospice:
Never abseiled before so I reckon it might be fun. If you feel the urge, please visit my Just Giving page and send a couple of quid - all donations go to an excellent cause.
Nick Oke is fundraising for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People
Thanks DiS

How much do you need to go to Disneyland?


Oh, that was a thread :joy:

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I’ve donated a fiver. Good luck.

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First donation!
Cheers guv

Sorry to bogart your thread, but did anyone here sponsor my boy for his reading thing? We got a donation from someone named ‘Mike’ for a decent amount, but neither me or my ex know who the hell it is.

hope it all goes oke nick


May I introduce you to my friend Kara? She would love to marry you and take your name.

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She’ll have to fight my friend, ‘Piginap’ for him.

You never give me your money
You only give me your funny paper
And in the middle of negotiations
You break down


We have to be very careful when naming kids. My dad is called John (no middle name) so he is well aware of the pitfalls. As is my uncle Phil…

wait your name isn’t actually Noah?


Bumping for the evening shift

Bumping because I’m doing this next week and because it’s payday :wink:

good luck with your scary absailing! (I would never do this as I’m a big wuss)

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Thanks for your cash DiS :grinning::+1:


looks scary!

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