Give me your VERY BEST job interview tips


Leaving for an interview in an hour. I know the interviewers and the organisation very well, so got all of that covered.

What are your TOP TIPS for job interviews?


Just treating them like human beings in a room, and empathise with what they want the most in someone new.


Pretend to be a much better version of who you really are until you’re definitely out of sight of them.


Get there slightly too early and wander round the shops nearby


Sorry, thought this was the online dating thread.


Maintain eye contact throughout the whole process. Try not to blink.




(this is for me, obviously you don’t need to pretend and you’ll be fantastic and get the job)



They’ve known me for years, so that ship has sailed


I know it sounds like an absolute basic. But read the job description and person spec, and have concrete examples from your working or personal life as to how you meet these. From recent experience of interviewing people, I don’t think anyone did this.


If you’re asked for specific examples of something, structure it like this:



think the ‘any questions?’ bit at the end is a good chance to leave em with a good impression. not some stock thing yo’uve got prepared but if they’ve mentioned something about the job or a project in the interview i’ll be like ‘so you said that _____, does that mean that blahblah, how will that work? etc’, more often than not find people will go like ‘oh good question! well what we were thinking is…’

shrug, just seems to go over well for some reason


Tell them you get angry


refuse to shake hands


Sounds like you’re off to a good start then.

I like to prepare by thinking of examples of when I’ve actually done all the stuff I’ve said I can do on the CV/covering letter. “I once ignored my boss telling me to do something really illegal” is better than “I am capable of showing good judgement and making decisions independently”.

Like that, only with a better example.


except at the end where you shake everyone’s twice


Doesn’t look like anyone else has mentioned this.


Indicate you are self motivated but are also a team player


Had one on Friday and it went very well, got the second booked early next week. Personally I think the best interviews (and this is as both interviewee and interviewer) are the ones that turn into a conversation / two way dialogue rather than just Q&A. Best way to do that IMO is to ask questions as part of your answers, get the interviewer to talk almost as much as you, and then ask follow up questions based on the stuff they say. You end up looking enthusiastic for the role and proactive, I guess.

The other easy ones I always forget are to talk slower, breathe more and not ramble at the end of my answers.

Anyway, these are all probably quite simple so don’t need explaining. Good luck!!!