⚽ Give time to the lemons: Football in September 2023 ⚽

I’ll allow him short sleeves for being Italian, but that’s the limit

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Biggest surprise of tbe night for me is that Pedro plays for Lazio

Keepers going up for last minute chances in the first game of a competition

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Biggest shock for me has to be the result at the Etihad. Heroic performance


Probably too far behind Ipswich and Preston now, but hopefully we can go up via the playoffs.

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And we thought Burnley and Luton was bleak.


Cheers, mate.

And Milinkovic-Savic has finally left them

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Think we’ll shit ourselves tomorrow night. 1-1 at best.

Hope the useles egotistical thin skinned prick gets fired tomorrow tbh

Actually just a really good run and header, as well

The mighty Reading smashing in 9 away at Exeter in EFL or whatever it’s called nowadays Cup is…I am led to believe a club record.

Going out of business in style!!!


At last, the Premier League has listened to matchgoing fans and given them what they want - 6:30pm games on a Sunday.


Not just Squires who browses this forum, as it turns out.



Look forward to any empty seats being met with mockery and derision about the size of the club’s fanbase.

Me and you might get a game the way things are going.

Before Kalvin Phillips will, certainly.

Quite annoyed this hasn’t been abused yet


Someone should do a big skidmark (because your stadium looks like a toilet).

Who would win a match between the 11 best keepers in the world, and a non league team, someone on the level of say, Hendon?