⚽ Give time to the lemons: Football in September 2023 ⚽

Keepers would win but think they’d out of habit go to catch crosses rather than doing headers which would lead to a few penalties and you’d have to expect Chelsea score at least one


Reckon it would depend on how long the keepers had together.

Told about it the day before, positions played pretty much a lottery (they were all their schools star striker) - I’d put my money on Hendon.

Given a month and training time to work out who was playing where - Keepers would have a chance based on pure professional fitness and athleticism. Might stil fancy the actual team though.

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yeah theres some stuff that you learn - like not being rolled by the attacker etc thatd be hard for a keeper to pick up straight away, let alone passing lanes etc.

probably go Hendon 3 - 1 Keepers XI

Field tilt of 74% - 26%


Cheers, really enjoying the mental image of Courtois playing on the wing

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Kane is really selling these sketcher boots



Chewbacca is looking old and tired these days

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11 Ederson clones would probably beat a championship team


Best chant we’ve ever had imo. Got up to ‘number 38 is Larrieu’ once on a particularly dull occasion.

Haven’t seen Martial move like this for a cross, ever.

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Luton vs Southport in non league. It got up to 50 ‘we all dream of a team of ginger stewards’ the guy was loving it

Highlight of probably the worst game I’ve ever seen. The other chant was ‘let’s pretend we’ve scored a goal’


This is why going to matches is rubbish. If you were at home you could be playing The Chase mobile app to entertain yourselves

You could do that at the ground too. Going to matches is brilliant you absolute fool.

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I am going to a Utrecht one in a fortnight. Tempted to say I’ll meet them after

Why do you hate it so much?

Been out the football loop recently but just found out Cole Palmer went to Chelsea…for 40mil?!

Game’s gone.

I dunno really, just much prefer watching games at home/in a pub and find it a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

might be because one of the last games I went to was away at Huddersfield during winter but in the Newcastle fans. good lord that was a day

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Utrecht? No I came by train!

One you can say to ingratiate yourself to the locals, there