Give us lorde our daily thuread



Last night finished transcribing and writing up around my (and @Mr.Lady’s) 50 (fitty) minute WHY? interview so that should be online today, happy with how it turned out.

Tonight going to an acting workshop, why not ay?

Lots on today, gotta give a presentation.






Is it going to be windy again today? I’ve got a tour tonight and I don’t want to be blown away. I also have a cold and think I might lose my voice today. All in all not ideal. Going to take loads of Vocalzones and hope it’s enough.

Met @howtobealone yesterday and Maru an ATD who is a dog, then did some schmoozing in the evening but still got in bed for 9 :+1:


I would like to meet @howtobealone, I imagine he would be an ATD.

Hope you get through the tour without getting sicker!


Today is my Friday. After work going to clean my bike and go buy lots of food for my long bike ride tomorrow and Saturday. Then going to the new bao place.
Went to the new vegan pie place last night it was topper


Got too much to do at work as always. Off to see Haiku Salut this evening in Leeds with @carmen - apparently they do a really beautiful show with lamps. Yer man Thomas Ragsdale from worriedaboutsatan is supporting which should be ace as well.


I’m tired. Just ate a doughnut though


Morning all! Not much going on today, just trying not to get blown into the sea mainly. Might do the big shop later then go for a couple of pre-BD pints with my partner and my parents.


Hi Maosm & etc

Flying to Berlin later

Feels like I should be stressing to get organised but the flight’s not till 7:30pm so I kind of have a free day & don’t know what to do with myself




that’s a superb atd :smiley:


Colour me jealous: that sounds amazing! Have you listened to Thomas’ two short eps from this year? Really lovely stuff. Needles of Stone is proper stop-you-in-your-tracks beautiful.


Morning all!

September Weekend starts tomorrow so today is my special Friday.

No special plans today, but I’m working at the busy campus and I haven’t brought my lunch.


Off to Bristol, weather looks shit, traffic looks shit, I look shit. Baby is in a foul mood today


Yeah, really good stuff. He’s just set up a new label as well - first release in a couple of weeks.


The lamp show is great. They’re such a lovely band. Saw them loads when they were smaller. I <3 HS



We’re on psydub week in the electronic listening club if that helps? :wink:


Ooh I didn’t know that. He’s one man lovely noise cottage industry so that makes sense.


haiku saluts lamp show is full on heart eyes emoji