Give us this day our daily thread - Thursday

I’m up well early, train into London isn’t it?

How is everyone? My very early train is disappointingly busy, but I’m ready my book and all is fine.

Wrote this thing last night. It’s…meh.

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Morning! Happy World Book Day to you all. Here is V as the House with Chicken Legs. :laughing:

Looking forward to seeing @colon_closed_bracket creations.


Morning Thursdayers

I started a thread last night:

Take a look if you want.

Got an annoying day which involves spending a lot of time on transport and being at home for a frustratingly small amount of time. All I want to do is sleep.

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I can’t beat that!

(They’re doing it tomorrow for some reason)

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Morning all. Gonna have a lie in and reveal who some of our favourite sportspeople are and try and fend off this big cloud of gloom :frowning:

When are (non-school) workplaces gonna introduce World Book Day dressing up?


This is brilliant.

Whilst not in the same league, here’s N as Toto the Ninja Cat from Dermot O’Leary’s books.


A thing? What a world.


They’re dreadful.


I am in work early for the fourth day in a row and I just found out I didn’t have to be. FUCK

Going to read a book about jazz at my desk until nine and drink tea.


For some reason my lad’s school did it weeks ago (before half term). He was a solid Malfoy.


These days it must be very irritating trying to get a children’s book published if you aren’t already famous


If you were a celebrity what kind of books would you put your name too?

  • Children’s
  • Young Adult
  • Christmas cash-in bullshit
  • Endless biographies
  • Cookbooks
  • Lifestyle/fitness
  • Ghost stories
  • Herbert Spellerman rip offs

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Still ill, need to do some WFH today but hopefully it will be fairly easy

I just want to watch the Love Is Blind reunion but it’s not on netflix yet for some reason

Feel like shiiiiit but have got a meeting I need to go in for. Standard.

Who would you dress up as?

It’s ok, it’s there now

Urgh, I really can’t handle going out today. Ex is going to be complete bastard to me because he is going on about R being better off with him (despite him having nowhere for R to live)

Love stress seeming to be my biggest ibs trigger st times like this.

Oh hang on, I was a bit premature. Now with added nose / whiskers:


It does irk me buying/reading books by Davids Baddiel and Walliams. They’re OK at best.

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