Give us this day our daily thread - Thursday

John Wayne from Infinite Jest

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Just booked where we are currently staying for another 12 nights. £10 a night including breakfast.

We’re completely fucked and run down and need a break. It’s quiet, got air conditioning and hammocks outside.
Loads of the bars sell weed and beers are a quid for a 660ml bottle.

Good news is that you’ve all got a couple of weeks without me spamming pics in the daily threads


Fed up AF after another terrible night’s sleep, why after almost 30 years of perfect sleeping skills has my body decided it’s no longer necessary?! Even an episode of In Our Time on the evolution of horses didn’t help me nod off :sleeping:

Getting my haircut fixed after work, should be nice and awkward :haircut_woman::woman_facepalming:

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Was allowed to lay in until 7.30 this morning. As an exchange for that, I’m making big fat American style pancakes. Think that’s a good exchange.


alright. WFH. lovely.

TV’s exams have been cancelled due to coronavirus and she’s been revising for about 6 months for them (including taking lots of holidays to revise), not a happy bunny.

Dermot O’Leary, probably.

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Christ, those pancakes were good. Best ones yet

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I’ve been up for hours already, thanks to a small person with a dose of the Epimers. I was going to be working from home anyway, but I’ve just booked the afternoon off since my other half needs to work later.

World Book Day dressing up happens tomorrow at Jimbo’s school so hopefully he’ll be well enough that he won’t miss out.

Big working meeting that I have to help organise, but can basically just focus on that all day. Then off to Glasgow to try/buy a birthday guitar :guitar: :notes:

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I really cba. I got the half hour later train as I really struggled getting going this morning. I was at work until 830 last night so I don’t really care.

I thought your new hair looks great, what’s wrong with it?

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GWS small person!

What’s he going as if he’s well enough?

R’s dressing up day is also tomorrow as he isn’t in today and preschool is doing both today and tomorrow. They’re also giving the option of coming in pjs with a book and teddy, which I think is a nice option to make it easier on parents.

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A load of Alex’s friends went in as footballers, which I consider cheating.


Just pronounced “WiFi” as “whiffy”, like we do at home for bants, to a colleague.



Aw thank you, I loved it when it was all salon styled and blow dried but now when I do it myself it’s a bit wonky at the back so just need it evened up a bit. Feel a bit bad about going back but hopefully it’s not too awks.

Went to pick up the new Hilary Mantel for my partner, and got a free breakfast of coffee, pastry and sandwich for being one of the first. I hope that means it is a good day!


Did a gym before work, quite enjoying the health bastard lifestyle. Even got to work a bit early, finished my book and supped a cappuccino. So worth getting up a little bit earlier so you can enjoy your mornings instead of rushing around in a blind panic, isnt it.

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Morning dissingtons world of adventure. What will this, most mizzly and mizzerable of maudlin Thursdays festoon upon us?

As my own life ebbs away into the underground portion of the underground I hope we make it through.

Well done for going back, I’ve had a few where I’ve been really unhappy but haven’t had the balls to

He’s going to be Fantastic Mr Fox:

My other half built it. It’s got a cap underneath so it stays on. We’ve read the book and watched the recent ish animated film (with George Clooney and Jarvis Cocker doing voices). I don’t want to knock Roald Dahl, but the film is LOADS better.

His school also have the option of pyjamas and a book too, but looking at the WhatsApp group a lot of kids want to come as superheroes.