Give us this day, our Saturday thread

Cheating a bit as it’s nearly 5pm here but fuck it I’m on a minibus back from a vineyard tour and a bit pissed. Think I might have heatstroke but I looked nice.

Might go to the cinema later as it’s too fucking hot to do anything. What say you, DiS?


Evening/morning, brilliant thread title. Been up all night drinking, just now going to bed. Might sleep until monday. Adios!


Hope you and the family are OK, NY


Thank you kind sir!

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Just went for breakfast and a massive parade celebrating the new year festivities went past

Was brilliant


Getting ready to go to work.

Working 12.30-8.30. do no want

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Morning all :wave:

Currently in bed. Got a family get-together thing with Mrs CCB’s family today - stayed overnight last night and actually slept surprisingly well.

I’d quite like one of those nice crisp winter mornings but I think it’s just grey and drizzly like it’s been for the past month

Get to see my twin nieces for the 3rd time :slight_smile:


Morning DiS,

Gonna do ParkRun this morning, then I need to hatch a plan to get out of the house this afternoon when my other half has invited round some of her friends and a houseful of kids later. What have I done to deserve this - I just want a quiet life!

Baby has been waking up every 60-90 mins the last few nights - properly exhausted. Minimal plans for the day beyond going for a cheeky climb.

Morning all

I’m on a bus to my studio. I’ve got a singer coming in for a session in 35 minutes or so. Then this afternoon I’m taking the teenager & her cousin/my nephew to see Return of the rise of the Skywalker Jedi and tonight it’s an all-nighter for a good pal’s 40th. A pretty packed Saturday all in all

It’s -6•C btw


Morning all

Off to my parents’ house for a second Christmas which will be nice but after the first with my girlfriend’s family And all the other Christmas eating, drinking and socialising I’m a bit exhausted. Will get to spend time with my niece though which’ll be grand.


Morning roastie, morning everyone. Got very little planned for today, apart from lunch out with my folks and finishing my Christmas book. Might go to the pub tonight but, all things being equal, will probably watch the final Royal Institution Christmas Lecture instead.

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Morning /other time zone appropriate greetings

Got a family gathering to go to. Bit scared because of my general low capacity for socialising twinned with my injury making escape for a quiet breather impossible is not a good combination. Would give anything for a day alone at home playing my switch, listening to music, and napping… reckon there is a sweet spot of being injured enough to not be able to get out, but not so injured people don’t want to leave you alone, and I am missing that glorious zone :frowning:

Hope you all have good days :+1:


It’s Saturday? My concept of what day of the week it is is completely screwed.

Off to Whitstable later on, for a mooch around, and a night at my brother’s to eat all the paella.

Nepal is fucking incredible team


Morning, would quite like a vineyard tour bus thingie as otherwise someone has to stay sober. Was it reasonable $$$?

Just woke up and the house is strangely silent for 9am.

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Doesn’t feel like a Saturday does it.

  • Gurlic bread!?
  • The walking to the dancefloor dance

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