Give us Tuesday, our daily thread


Work. Cba. You?


No work. Still cba.


done 5 (five) snoozes tuna mate. very cba.


Was in the process of making a thread, luckily I didn’t post it.

Shit nights kip. Went off about 1.30 and up at 5.15. Managed to transfer all my Spotify stuff to SD storage which was a job I’d been waiting to do for a while. got my annual review today as well. meh.

Was 1°c on the drive in. It’s the first of May FFS!


Good morning Tuna, Tilly, Tricklenipple & T-rich,

This morning: ESOL toddler group at the library

This evening: Angel Olsen at the Union Chapel

Today should be a good day, if a little tiring.


Morning. Been on a work call since 5:45 this morning. Tired.



Also, @Tuna, great thread title :grinning:


The redness of that reminds me of Season 1 KITT in Knight Rider where there was a just a red rectangle that flashed when the car talked unlike the volume bars they brought in later.!


Feel like I’ve got a ton of general life admin to do which is stressing me out a bit so currently debating whether to take annual leave and sort it.


Got a funeral this afternoon for my wife’s godfather who was her favourite person in the world. Czech-Canadian painter / opera singer / primary school music teacher / antiques dealer. They used to write to each other regularly in a wonderfully whimsical way about how dreadful life was, how holidays were full of rain and things like that.

So yeah, working from my in-laws this morning and then off for that. Need to find a cafe I think as it will be too crowded here.



If anyone has advice about looking proficient with a bat and ball that’d be good for this afternoon. Ta


Keep your eye on it.


Morning all.

Working in the City Centre today so had a whole 30 minute lie in. Definitely got / getting a cold. It’s just bad enough to make everything a little more difficult at the moment.


morning team, been up and out for my first run in a couple of weeks, bit of a slog but glad i made the effort.

got lots to do today, feel i’ve been dragging my feet somewhat of late so time to stop fucking about and get on with it.
Can’t believe it’s may already.

Happy tuesday DiSSers. :+1:


Still have thermals on tho ffs where’s our heatwave


Ask for volunteers to demonstrate and then critique their technique rather than doing anything yourself.


Apparently back up to the high teens at the end of the week but I want my sun now :frowning:


It’s meant to be nice for the bank holiday weekend, at least.


Sorry to hear of his passing ATT, sounds like he was a bonefide ATD.


Cba. Really hard to motivate myself to do any work as nothing is really urgent just like yeah. I’ll do that tomorrow.