Give us Tuesday, our daily thread


Can anyone help me??

I want to turn a picture into a nice print or illustration. It’s of a person…does anyone know anyone who could do something like this for me? or where I can look?


Not really 5/10

It felt gelatinous and seriously lacking flavour. The Kung po was really mild

Would love to give a genuinely good Chinese restaurant a go to compare


Sorry to here that mate. Hope your second attempt works out better.


How about bamnan?


Ours is a rescue flat cat! We’ve had her 3 1/2 years and she was really low-maintenance and well behaved from day one. Although she does like to set up camp in the middle of the bed…


+1 Bammers



Bank holiday here today


Good Luck

If they’ve got any sense they will employ you straight away and give you a pay rise by the end of the week



I got to work quite late as when I went to do the cats meds someone put sone junk mail through the door which meant he ran and hid upstairs and he needed a lot of coaxing out.

Still beat my boss in though.


always a problem with the master :frowning:


kinda feel this way too


just found out my bf’s sister’s cat died :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


WORK on LABOUR DAY??? State of your country, mates.


It’s TORY day here. We’re all standing with an absurdly wide stance all day.


Massive annual parades in town here and all. I worked one shift on Labour Day a few years back and got paid at least twice my normal salary cause like, no one works




The 4yo just drew a band on stage with their cats and some fireworks. The band are called “Cherries”

Far less crazy than normal


Not really though


OMG I forgot about @Bamnan !!!

Bam if you want a project - I have someone I wouldn’t mind being drawn. I’ll pay ££


been trying to record some music this morning but it’s one of those situations where it started out well but then everything I try to add is a bit shit

heading off to do a bit of work this afternoon which will be followed by

yo la tengo!!