Give us Tuesday, our daily thread

work. cba. surfing the war news and sneaking off for a cigarette whenever possible. planning to do FA today.

having a chicken chilli and lime concoction i made last night. awesome.

Morning all. In the office before everyone. It’s quite nice. I love our building and how empty it is before nine o’clock. Just listening to the new Grouper and tipping away at a bit of work.

Echoing the rotten weather comments here too. Grey skies and rain do not bode well for the month of May.

Clearly need to work on my manifesto


:musical_note: when it’s cold outside/i got the month of may/which is equally as shit really pal :musical_note:

Hi. WFHing today as my legs are really sore :thinking:

Hope everyone’s good

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Off ill. Might need to hit up A&E. Some defacating related issues that haven’t cleared up in a few days. NHS website says I need to go in.

enjoying your new avatar cutthelights, what prompted the change if i may be so bold?

Morning all,

Into the office today. Need to finish writing this godforsaken IT Strategy Paper and chase up feckless individuals that don’t reply to multiple emails / voicemails over a number of weeks.

CBA - surprisingly.

Roll on 1pm Thursday.

Off to see Angel Olsen tonight too. I think today might be a bit of a rush to get there with meetings and whatnot. #prayformarckee


Think it was when we were talking about weird video game fan fiction and I remembered how much I love this creepy bastard

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Morning. My mate’s fiancee has just moved here from the States so we’re taking them out for dinner tonight. Last time she was over here to visit we tried introducing her to British culture by showing her Cheeky Girls videos so we need to tone it down a bit so she doesn’t get weirded out.


christ, imagine waking up to find that guy looming above you at night

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Good luck DB :crossed_fingers:


I am trying to run (halfway) home from work today so I didn’t need to take a jacket but I put on my puffer and that combined with my long skirt and trainers made me look like such a frumpy old granny so I ditched the jacket but I am still looking frumpalump :cry:

Wow, he sounds like the kind of guy that I assumed only exists in fiction. I’ve always wanted a whimsically cynical pen pal. My condolences to your wife man, that must be heartbreaking for her.

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Good luck DB - hope you smash it out of the park.

@escutcheon - hope it’s nothing serious, mate.

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Thanks dude. Yeah, he was like one of Roald Dahl’s kind adult characters. My father-in-law posted about his passing on Facebook and dozens of the pupils he taught at primary school recalled things like him rocking up to teach them in a fur coat in the 1970s. In his later days he was heavily botoxed - no one was really sure how far into his 80s or 90s he was and he certainly wouldn’t have told .


Morning folks. Nothing going on here today. Might wander around town forlornly looking in the windows of places I might want to work. Probably make another vegan feast for lunch what with our new regime and all. Argyle game on tv tonight so a few cans later maybe.

Sorry to hear that pal, I’ll echo everyone else here in saying he sounds like an absolute hero.


Got stuck behind TWO tractors on the drive in today. TWO.