Give Yourself 1 Point For Everything You've NEVER Done

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1 for me. I have never owned an encyclopedia.

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2 (fax and AOL)

2 (MySpace and AOL)


Also 1 - I never had a Myspace account.

2 - AOL email and dial-up internet

1 - fax

The AOL quiz chatrooms have never been bettered.

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Aol for me

1 - AOL

when were you all using typewriters

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Fax, AOL, paper cheque.

My parents owned one and I used to write stuff for school on it

In the good old days.

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motherfuckers all grew up in a 1950s newsroom


Bought one as a birthday present for a friend and played with it constantly for a week.

Ya see, kid, that’s the problem with these new newsies, they don’t understand the rattle and clatter of a real newsroom! Ya dial-up modem, faxes comin’ in, the tippity tap of a thousand typewriter keys; why, it’s music to me ears [takes long drag on cigarette]


My dad brought a redundant one home from his office. Great for making fanzines.


1 - never on myspacebook

Don’t think I’ve ever used a typewriter that I can remember, and never had an AOL email address.

We have a fax machine in the house that my dad used until a few years ago so I would sometimes go and retrieve a fax if one came in but it wasn’t sent to me.

Never owned a cheque book but feel like I might have paid for some things when I was younger with a cheque from my mum.

My parents had a big encyclopaedia set on display in the living room when we were growing up but now they’re all stacked up in the hall cupboard.

Borderline on some of these but I went with 3

can remember colouring pieces of paper black, sticking them together in a loop and faxing them to Uniteds sponsors when the glazer takeover was happening


Typewriter, AOL, Encyclopaedia