Give Yourself 1 Point For Everything You've NEVER Done

2 - MySpace and AOL

But I’m taking those off due to two new ones I just made up:

Listened to music on a Minidisc player
Played video games on a computer or console that didn’t go online

Bemused that you’ve all used a rotary phone. Dicking about with one as a child doesn’t count.

2 for me. Rotary phone and MySpace.

Just the AOL one for me

Rotary phone, boombox, fax, encyclopedia, cheque.

4 points

I’ve never:

  • Used a rotary phone (I may have messed around with one, but never made a call on one as I recall)
  • Had a MySpace account
  • Had an AOL email address

I almost put one point down for the vinyls record question. I’ve never put on a vinyls record myself being more of a CD and digital guy than a vinyls guy but I’ve obviously heard friends and parents and whatnot playing music on vinyls

I did use the rotary at my grandparents house to talk to my parents once in between all the ‘haha dial go whrrrr’

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4 - typewriter, fax, AOL, cheque

we had one til I was 8, and I rang my friend once or twice

remember asking him ‘how’s business?’


might be cheating with the phone book one

like, I remember looking in one, but I didn’t actually use it

used to call up mates to arrange meeting at a certain time too and phone numbers were only 7 digits long

Set of recieved a fax
Had a MySpace account (couldn’t be arsed tbh)
Had an AOL address

Only if they lived in the same place and some of them were six

neighbouring area codes had a two digit version, so nearby mates were 5 digits.

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No cheques or AOL email because I’m not American.

Cheques aren’t american, the amount i swapped for cash when i was over my overdraft limit in uni was ridiculous

  1. AOL

spelling it ‘check’ is though.

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Feel very sad for those of you who’ve never used a typewriter. One of life’s great joys, that.


I recently bought Mrs F a typewriter style computer keyboard and calculator and they’re a lot of fun.

1- Encyclopaedia

AOL was my first ever email address. Lost so much time to their Big Brother chatrooms circa 2001