Giving my permission for everyone to dig their big coats out as of 3pm today

Wanted to wait until October, but going early. You’re welcome.

I’ll let you know when you can revert to light jackets.


It’s 17 degrees ffs! You’re getting soft in your 40s


Still haven’t worn trousers or a jumper since about April.


Wore my Big Coat earlier, felt good

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Just after 3pm, sure. I’ve no issue with that.

Why are we in the Sports section please chief?

Because we’re wearing football manager coats now!


Maybe he just doesn’t want me getting cold at the Wales game?


None of us do!

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Bought a brand new Big Coat for the first time in decades and I’m looking forward to wearing it but it’s still a long way off Winter 1 in Kent. Doubt it’ll be worn out before the clocks go back.

Short sleeves still innit


This is now the sexy thread.

I thought about it but my big coats are too big, the light coat is still okay for now

light jacket at the moment. with hood

Literally just bought a big coat.

Can’t afford it but I need one. Hope it fucking fits.

Nice autumny chill in the air today imo

Its September. No wearing a big coat before Halloween.

Paddington costume, is it?

I think the ‘Big’ in ‘big coats’ must be relative. We’re still at least 25-30 degrees above proper ‘big coat’ weather here

Still tshirt weather this

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