Giving up/ cutting down in January support and motivation thread


I have stopped the following things for the month

•Meat - did this last January too and it’s mostly pretty easy, might try for longer this time.
•Booze - it’s the 3rd of the month and I haven’t been out so haven’t missed this yet. I’m sure come the end of the week things will be very different
• cigs - haven’t been drinking and don’t smoke when I don’t, so pretty straightforward.
• twitter - I deactivated because of how generally miserable and angry that place makes me. Dont see myself missing it but let me know if there’s any good memes please?

What about you DiS, quitting owt? Carrying on as normal? This thread been done already?


Half thought about giving up toast for breakfast and there’s no bread in the office this morning so I’m doing well so far.


Fully quitting the fags - not been difficult so far but once I get a few days in or if I have a pint I’ll start getting the cravings. Might get some gum or something cause I definitely don’t want to be a vapecunt
Massive booze cutdown - Gunna do 9am Monday - 5:30pm Friday booze free, then keep it sensible on the weekends. This is until I do a marathon in April, will get back on it immediately after I imagine


Quitting taking the absolute piss with what I eat. Back on MyFitnessPal, one cheat day a week. Let’s do this.


aye, doing veganuary and limiting myself to max 14 units of alcohol per week. it’s my birthday next week so that could be tricky…


Giving up drinking on my own in the evenings.

Giving up eating crap at lunchtime.

I’m also going to try to run a mile a year (on average) and do a half marathon in May.

My ultimate goal is to stop spending as much money, reduce the effect that booze has had on my life in the past 18 months, be a better husband and parents, and drop 3 stone.


How many pints of a normal 4-5% beer is that?


Mile a year should be doable


6 pints, or 12 small cans. trying to drink cans just to spread it out a bit.


Gunna try to run 2,000km this year but that should end up being a byproduct of marathon training


Two…THOUSAND KM? :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:


I’m not really trying. I haven’t really been living an indulgent life lately, and my birthday is in January. Everything in moderation year-round, rather than a grim self-denying January and giving up in February.

Also, I am already sick of diet ads, and it’s only the 3rd of January. (And I’m vehemently ant-diets and body fascism in general)


Stop being miserable. Sounds like a weird one, but I’m going to try and be more positive this year to try and improve myself mentally. Had a few wobbles last year, went a few months feeling as if everyone was against me/hating a lot of things about myself/life/work etc.


I’m hoping to go from an occasional-when-drinking friday/saturday smoker, to someone that only smokes once or twice a year on special occasions. Or never. Feeling pretty confident about this time round.

My smoking was actually fairly good before the Christmas period, I had it down to one night of smoking every three or four weeks… but the past fortnight has been fairly constant and I certainly feel like I want to go back to fifteen a day again.

Good luck to anyone trying to give up smoking this year. It’s difficult stuff.


40 a week, aiming to do 60-70 a week for next three months so after that it’ll be down to more casual stuff


haha fuck, mile a day!


do you work out/include football mileage in that? I can only really get out for one or two proper runs a week because I need a day recovery inbetween runs/football. My legs can’t really take too much at the moment.


That is a lot of running. I’d set my goal to 250km in the year! Good luck, that’s amazing.


no, but football mileage is dropping drastically to 1 game of 5s per week, coming off the bench on sundays if we’ve got enough players, and being a ringer for my 6s team when they’re short. Guess the advantage of being 25 is I can just about get away with 1 rest day per week


getting drunk

was going to knock drinking on the head totally in jan / feb - but have a lot of beers left over after xmas so im just going to knock getting pissed on the head - it’s the hangovers i don’t like really - can set my fitness goals / extra curricular stuff back a week each time!