Giving you a fiver to go to the shop right this minute

what you getting?

Bag of starmix
S&V mccoys
500ml fanta fruit twist
maybe some cocktail sausages if the price is right


Cadbury’s fruit and nut - size dependent on remaining cash

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Whatever frozen pizza is closest to a fiver.

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Some mango, maybe a bit of lime to squeeze on it too
Fry’s Chocolate Cream
A roll of Cherry Drops

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Selection of easter products eg. mini eggs and stuff


A beer and bag of pork scratchings for later.

A pack of chocolate digestives for now.

A £1 scratchcard

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4 cans of piss lager, probably carling

Yeah might change mine to this actually

I’ve never eaten pork scratchings in my life

Please try them and report back. Think they deserve a thread tbh, leave it with me.

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Some tutti frutti, a guarana antarctica and a couple of doughnuts if there’s enough change.

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I’ve eaten Frazzles (and the supermarket equivalent). Does that count?

Completely different box of frogs

Good lord no

Sorry, not eaten frogs either.

Veg samosa, salt and vinegar Squares, can of Guinness


Absolutely flawless.

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My partner’s just done this cos I’m ill, here is my list

All the important stuff


lucozade sport
grab bag of skips
pack of fruit pastilles
grenade bar