Glasgow Art School closed indefinitely

Only just read about this. Another one of Glasgow city centre’s better venues gone. Looks like a good 20 or so staff have been shafted at short notice too. Meh… :frowning:

Check for venue changes if you were booked up for anything (I believe Shellac are at SWG3 now).

:disappointed_relieved: that’s a real shame

Shame - only been to a few things there but it was a nice venue.

Not good news at all. Thought it was doing OK. The bar has been busy everytime i’ve been in, food is decent enough. The gig venue was great too. Real shame

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Seems to suggest they’re only closing (and axing all staff) until next year to see if their finances can recover?

Shitty situation. Totally shit behaviour from the management.

Aw the fuck man this is not fkn cool

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Yeah this.

Dont understand how a fairly small Union bar could operate at a loss. Maybe just need to open less hours.

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ah fuck that. :rage:

Staff already had hours reduced and wage cuts a few months ago.

There’s been years of issues for the whole school. Dunno a huge amount about it but I’d think management’s interest are in expanding to squeeze in more students and the venue is just something to get rid of cause spending money on it isn’t in their interests. :man_shrugging: