Glasgow/Berlin 2018 European Championships


Top ride from Hayter here.


Hayter smashing this. That lap was enormous. Gutted for Archibald but what a ride from Lisa Brennauer


Beautifully crafted win from Hayter. Really is the best track race


Also, the state of Viviani’s bike


i’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear that i quite like it :stuck_out_tongue:


Went to the women’s team gymnastics final yesterday. It was pretty damn incredible. Most sports I’ve seen in the flesh I can imagine being able to try, but I can barely manage a forward roll when it comes to stuff like that.



Luca ceci is an absolute unit


Big ain’t he

Nice move by Hinds earlier, and nice to see Bauge still racing.


Reckon he might struggle in a road race. Absolute tank


Like Hoy


Second best track race up now.


Must be absolutely brutal to do, legs must be totally fucked at the end of it


All about race craft. It’s nuts to think tactics and position whilst racing hard.


Kenny’s made this a lot of work for herself. German will win


That’s great, but risky riding from Kenny


Fucking great racing there.


Yeah that was great. Thought she might have spent too much in the earlier sprints but was a class apart. The Russian sitting up gave her a 2 lap breather which helped I guess


She relies too much on her speed (not that this is necessarily an issue obviously) but she found herself in some iffy positions that her speed got her out of. But that’s how she races, and it works more often than not


Good racing from hinds against some huge experience