Glasgow/Berlin 2018 European Championships


Urgh that girls got a broken leg hasn’t she :cry:


Glasgow Green’s been a great day out. Loads of free stuff to do for all ages. Watched the on-stage intro to the road race competitors whilst having lunch, then drifted between various activities. When we’ve been near the race route and the groups have been riding past during the last couple of hours or so, MiniWza’s been doing some top notch flag-waving.


Yeah, not bad.

Cheers! :beer:

(MiniWza’s behind the beer, all waved out and snoozin’. :sleeping: )


van der breggen fucked that right up


Aye. Nicely taken win.

Too much dicking about and letting the peloton eat up the gap, right? Or maybe they just had nothing left in the tank?

Dunno. This WEST is delicious, though.


The whole Dutch team did. They has three riders at the front going into the final straight, with Vos just behind them, and they all got their positioning wrong.


Good 24hrs for Brennauer


Lifetime bans for all dopers:

  • Yes
  • No

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But that includes people who’ve made genuine mistakes?


Sometimes I wonder how hard it is to make these mistakes though. Surely there’s a list of stuff that you can’t take that you’d refer to as an athlete when prescribed medication or whatever. Ignorance can’t be an excuse imo - you’re still failing at being a clean athlete if that’s the case.


Man I love track cycling


Went to Glasgow Green to watch the road race start this morning. Never realised they were doing a staged sign-in, so just wandered over to the team ‘buses’. Felt a bit awkward as the only place to get a decent photo was opposite the bogs… :confused: I did get to say hello to Chantal Blak as she searched in a car boot for her lost gloves though. That was also awkward.




Just watched it back - the gurn in the final sprint, amazing. Points race is so well poised now


Yeah there is some kind of database athletes has access to to check. (My colleague said so anyway)


Bore off, Boardman - the elimination race is incredible!


Will someone give Katie Archibald a fucking hug FFS!


Highlights make it seem like Walls dominated that elimination race. Gutted to have missed all of the Kierin :frowning:


here’s the athletics timetable, seeing what a pain it is to find these things these days

if i miss anything good cos the bbc are showing swimming then I will fume
100m finals tonight


Asher Smith <3