Glasgow/Berlin 2018 European Championships


Yeah, still counts though. Maybe Guliyev will get to race in Mexico City some time :slight_smile:


not gonna happen unless Thiam fucks it in the 800m then. still pretty happy with Thiam winning and KJT having put in a consistent enough performance to make it a good competition


Would bloody love Matt Hudson Smith to smash it tonight. Always worry for him cos he has Aspergers and seems to struggle a bit with the big moments, fouled in the 4x400 at the Olympics and then got hammered for pulling out of the 4x400 world final, so so talented tho


…was that British runner doing the Albanian bird thing?!?


Got nervous and ran a weird race but still so great to see him winning gold :grinning:


BMX today was A LOT of fun. Men’s final was very exciting.

Defo want a go on that track at some point.


Dina Asher Smith and Ingebritsen Jr are both amazing


Dina seems so, so lovely in her interviews.


Yeah she’s ace. most British track and fielders are good ieggs imo


So, er, Jakob Ingebritsen is something, eh.


Great championship overall. The athletics relays were excellent especially the mens 4 x 400 and how dramatic the last leg was. Dina Asher Smith must be odds on for Bbc spoty!


It’s just the Olympics minus the ones you could get good enough at if you had the time and means to practise solidly for a few years (rowing, shooting etc), and the ones that are good enough to have their own prestigious international tournaments (football, tennis etc), innit.


Aye, it went to form - but there was always the chance of Thiem having a strangely off day in the javelin. When they’re both on top form there will always be one winner…sadly the colour of the medal sometimes comes down to capitalising on the mistakes of others (eh, Eilish McColgan?)


Yeah, although I like Henrik’s odd 70s cop look.


While watching highlights of the 1500 my 3 year old daughter pointed at Henrik and said “Daddy, it’s the man from We Will Rock You!”


Rowing’s in it, innit. No need for Golf. I get the impression that the intention is to grow the number of sports in the future. To compete with the European Games. Wouldn’t mind seeing some indoor racquet sports. And volleyball, netball… maybe some martial arts. Would’ve been plenty of space at the Indoor arena and Scotstoun for it.


Also, who knew? :rainbow_flag:

I bet @Epimer and the @penoidcrew know about this:


Eurogames is more often used as a term to describe “German”-style board games that are more strategy-than luck-based, but that typically have an extremely dry theme, usually with a stern medieval-looking man on the cover. Caylus is a classic of the genre:


I really, really enjoyed these games. I spunked a ton of cash on tickets last year when I was drunk/depressed and really regretted it, but I’ve had a ton of fun over the last week. Gymnastics, mountain biking, BMX and diving were all awesome to see live. (Glad to attend the swimming as well, although it was difficult to tell wtf was going on most of the time.) Met Chantal Blaak and Peter Sagan at the two road races and had some top seats for the women’s team pursuit at the velodrome. Fair play to Glasgow for the cultural festival they put on as well - Loads of good shit. It was like a mini Edinburgh Fringe but with infinitely fewer cunts.

Of course, after a ten day celebration of the diversity and awesomeness of Europe, its athletes and various cultures, I had to share a train home with Rangers fans and their typically predictable bullshit. What a way to bring me crashing back down to the most diarrhoea-stained, piss-smelling, parochial patch of Earth in the country. :unamused:


Aye, the Games finishing just as the footer is starting is like a slap in the face. The contrast between the two really shows up the baggage that comes with soccerball. Not just the obvious sectarianism, but the repetetive and uninspiring news coverage, the pisspoor merchandising grab, and the general dullard commentary (on TV and in the office). :roll_eyes: