Glasgow - Bridget Christie - Friday night

Spare ticket for this at the Citizens.

Face value for the ticket and I promise I won’t talk to you without clear invitation.

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At least this isn’t zero replies.

I’d be up for that mayte but my father in law is doing us the discourtesy of visiting us on his birthday

would take you up but i won’t be here

How much is fv?

I’m free but don’t really know who that is. Well, I do but never heard any stand up.

I thought they were cheaper than this but £18.

The ticket is going spare anyway so hand me some paper money and I won’t haggle.

Aye, fuck it I’ll come it, could meet in the Laurieston for one first, if you’ve got time.

Excellent work!

I think I might be pushed for time to get out for a drink beforehand. I’ll confirm tomorrow.