Glasgow December MEAT - Friday 14th @ Drygate



Right, I’m doing some work drinks at Platform so might not be available all night but I’ll definitely be in town.


Irks me that there’s two Platforms.


Argyle Street:

In other Argyle Street/Easterhouse name duplication news, the Easterhouse Platform is in a venue called The Bridge, and I used to live in a development on Argyle Street called The Bridge (neither are, are on, or are particularly near bridges).


My mate used to live in one of the two floor top penthouse bits there, circa 2006.


is @witches coming?



Does Drygate accept doggos?

Could bring Frank along.

I’m still in for this by the way.


think it’s just cash or card

pls bring frank


If dogs are allowed ill bring him. Can’t find for certain online.


it’s on

but as “vintage @ drygate”. dunno wtf that means.


Maybe I could get Jackson :thinking:


Yeah dogs in the upstairs bit

Dugs sorry


I’m not sure I’ll be able to :confused: hopefully will for the other one though!


What time do folk want to meet? I’ve just realised since moving I now have a clash with a work thing that night but I’ll defo still make it along for a while


You see dogs in the beer hall bit upstairs at Drygate LOADS. All hours of the day.

I understand Vintage at Drygate to be the downstairs more restauranty bit.

In summary: FRANK!


Oooh. We moved out in October 2k6. Good size flats. There used to be a concierge called Tam. He looked like he killed a man. We called him Tam The Killer.


A slightly earlier MEAT would properly suit me - from about six? It means I could make Internet jokes* with you lot before pretending I’m both cool and professional with my colleagues at about 7.30.

*drink 8% stout





Think most of us are aiming to get there between 6 and 7 if anyone else wants to join. :slight_smile:


Times you planning on stick around til?


8 or 9ish for me, going to head back over to my work thing at some stage


Cool I’ll blow off the work chumps from 7ish I reckon.