Glasgow DiS Meat Sat 24th June, Sleazys


Hiya! Here’s a nice new shiny thread to remind you that this is still a thing that is happening! Without a doubt I will be sat in Sleazys on the 24th of June so come along and buy me a G&T.

:beers: :thumbsup: :buckfast: :cocktail: :wine_glass: :fireworks:

Wednesday Topic

Ha, the tv asked me recently if i wanted to come down to her hometown for the weekend and i was like ‘eh, i can’t that night’ and she was like ‘how come, what you up to?!’ and i was ‘eh…i’m meeting people from the internet…!’ :slight_smile:
I’m in :+1:


Aw noo, I’m sorry they overlap, bring her along!!




Haha, hmmmmmm?


Wheeey!! Very glad this is still happening. Currently trying to sort the Friday off as I’ve moved jobs and didn’t tell them :confounded:

Looking forward to seeing lo-pans beautiful face :heart_eyes:


don’t cross the streams


Yay!! Well I’m looking forward to seeing YOUR beautiful face.


and i’m looking forward to seeing yours :+1:


hmmmmmm that being said she did meet fuckyadubstep and the glorious @Kallgeese


is this a swingers party?


is it not?!


I thought that was what these DiS meats were all about!?


Have a good time chaps! Please eat some Hamish Macbeth haggis toasties on me.


huh, better cancel my other plans!!


Yeah, you should anyway to be honest. How important can they be?

ANSWER: in comparison to this, not very.


ha, at a stag in Edinburgh that weekend unfortunately!

if any of you sound cunts fancy a pint in Edinburgh any other time though, gis a shout! :smiley:


Just gently move the stag do through to Glasgow… They’ll be drunk and malleable by the afternoon, it’ll be easy.


won’t be there but have fun :grapes:


I am a charmer, I will admit to that.

Still don’t know if I’m coming to this by the way, having serious cash flow problems at the moment. Will do my darndest!