Glasgow DiSmeat: The Meatening


Hello!!! PUB?

I was thinking a Saturday in March/April ?

Here’s some potential dates if anyone fancies it :beer: :champagne: :cocktail: :buckfast: -

  • 24th March
  • 31st March (Easter weekend)
  • 7th April
  • 14th April
  • 28th April

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Ahm oot.


@imaperv (I know you probably won’t be able to but just incase!)




Who said you were invited? :smiley:

FENINO: Spring forward!

standing invitation from yer maw.

Well, I say “standing”…


typical Maw.


I’m back first May Day bank holiday/stag & dagger


That’s cool! Sorry I didn’t include that weekend. Double Weekend DiSmeat :smiley: ?


@cutthelights You’re such a busy bee!! :honeybee: If we don’t meet this time I’ll be raging.


Ha! :smiley: I’m a maaaaybe for the 7th and 28th of April, might be able to make it for a bit if it’s either of those :grimacing:


Oooo intriguing!! what are you up to?? If you don’t mind me asking.


7th I might be going to the brewdog agm with some pals. 28th I’m actually going to Gomez in Glasgow so could make drinks for the before/after!


HAHA, FUCK. I’m going to Gomez too!! Forgot about that :blush:


Sorry to tell you all, but I’m available for all those dates.


I am delighted that you are!!! Will mrs casinobay come too?


Depends when it is. She is going to Ireland then Treviso around that time.


Bring Epic and Raffles to the pub and I will pull a sickie to be there.


I am in Scotland on the 6th April so might come if the 7th wins


yaay :smiley: