Glasgow DiSmeat: The Meatening


We’re here. I’m wearing a grey checked overshirt thing and have a beard (obvs narrows it down to everyone in here)


how do you know they were shouting for their dog and not looking for a chippy?



post pix


Soz Edinburgh drinkers, but been getting worse all day so confining myself to bed :bed:

Have some wanky beers for me though!




Hold a menu up in front of your head


Throughout the whole evening?


No just for the photo :smile:


But you never know when someone’s taking a photo :smiley: haha!! Aahh


I don’t just assumed because they were looking at their dog.


There’s a small chance I might have to move to the EK office.




Someone once left me a voicemail saying “I just received you’re wee email and thought I’d give ya a wee call for a wee chat about your wee order so if ya can give me a wee call back that would be great”


Did you wait a wee while before calling them back?




:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I request handlebar kallgeese makes an appearance :wink:


I will just be growing my beard back in after Handlebar Geesey makes an appearance on St. Patrick’s Day so unfortunately not!


Haha okay, normal kallgeese will just have to do I suppose :roll_eyes: :wink: :smiley: thanks so much for coming all this way!! :airplane:


I’m now going to be in Glasgow for 3 nights. Gonna look for an apartment or airbnb for while I’m there, can anyone recommend an area to look in?