Glasgow DiSmeat: The Meatening


Hmmmm potentially doable. But I’ll likely be a short notice yes if I can make it



At the moment I’m free for all dates but I’m the king of double booking so if we can get one day nailed down I’ll stick it in the diary.


think i’m good for all these dates as it stands


I haven’t checked with His Lordship yet, but these dates all look ok apart from the 28th April, which is the wee one’s 2nd birthday party.


Always keen for making a trip up north and it would be great see you all again! Will drop my sis a message and see if any of these weekends work for her :ok_hand:


24th March or 7th April good for me. Could 2018 finally be the year I actually get to one of these DiSmeats?!?


I think it’s looking like theres an obvious preference for most soooooo I reckon we should set the date!! Poll closed!








So eh, where should we have this thing? I am not really down with where’s hip and happening in Glasgow.

@cutthelights you definitely need to sack off the brewdog thing :smiley: I just checked, it’s in Aberdeen! You don’t want to go there :stuck_out_tongue:


All come round mine? We’ve got loads of different types of tea


Be careful what you wish for.


I’m not coming (on that date) but will always throw my hat at having at least one in the state bar


We always used to go to stereo, which was quite nice and handy for anybody coming into central or queen st stations. In latter years it was sleazys, but the last few times we’ve been, it’s been so loud I couldn’t really hear people. and yes, I am probably just getting too old!

I’m not necessarily suggesting stereo again (as it might be too small for our needs) but maybe something of its ilk?



no! I totally agree about sleazy’s the last time I was there I genuinely spent the last hour or so unable to hear a thing :grimacing:

@casinobay :smiley: :heart:

EDIT: But I mean, I’ll obviously go to sleazy’s if everyone wants to because… I kind of thought it was the law? haha!!


BACK IN THE DAY when we had regular MEATS and everyone knew each other irl quite well, it wasn’t too bad going to sleazys.

having said that, I think it’s absolutely fair game to expect to end up there at some point during the night! But as a meeting place, there must surely be somewhere gentler!


Eek, i always forget some of you have known each other for years! :blush: You’re all still a big bunch of weird internet strangers to me :wink: Haha!!


I thought Sleazys was loud too! Though I did like it (Hearing Rage Against The Machine brought back loads of memories). I’m happy wherever we go! I might book my flights later!


What about Drygate? We could probably reserve a table and the civilised MEATers could park and get food and the MEAT wankers could drink nice beer.

I’ve only been in about eight pubs in Glasgow so I acknowledge I don’t have a real depth of knowledge.